Mr Peter Stones

“There is so much that is intangible in our profession - inspiration, encouragement, sympathy, imagination, stimulation -but you have utilised all of these to provide an environment in which both staff and pupils could flourish. Peter Stones Senior Teacher - Woodlands School, Grimsby.”

Mrs Gerry Blinston

“I am so full of admiration and pride for all you have achieved and am totally grateful for your commitment and what you have done to provide our students with such wonderful opportunities... Well done Tom you are a great leader!" Gerry Blinston Assistant Director, Achievement Southwark Education.”

Mrs Val Jenkins

“We are inspired and our batteries have been re-charged. (Val Jenkins Head Teacher Grange Infant & Nursery School)”

Mrs Natashia Savinkova

“The success of this workshop is a testament to your hard work and talent. You are an inspiration for all of us. We only hope that now our Russian schools can be nearly as good. (Natashia Savinkova Education Adviser Rybinsk, Russia)”

Mrs Judith Drew

“You are the most inspirational speaker we have ever heard. Thank you for inspiring us. (Judith Drew Hull University)”

Mrs Claudiana Cole

“Thank you so much for your hard work and talent. You have guided us, driven us and inspired us to attain more and to attain higher. Everyone recognises that there can 'be no more excuses'(Dir Mrs Claudiana Cole RED6 The Gambia)”

Mr Sunkung Kinteh

“Thank you for everything you have done. You made us active participants in our own learning and none of will go back to our schools the same. I think every head teacher will continue to improve their schools and make them places of excellence because of you. (Mr Sunkung Kinteh SEO Education Office, Basse, The Gambia) ”

Mr Ivan Arkinstall

“Your talent, hard work and vision have really been inspirational and a joy to behold. As a governor you have been able to show, not only me, but also my fellow governors what can be achieved and what can be done. You have inspired us to achieve things that no-one thought possible, even in April, and now we have a real belief and vision, as to what we are doing and where we are going. (Ivan Arkinstall, Chair of Governors Warren Hills Community School)”

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