A Moral Dilemma 1

Do you support the students?

What damage is being done to the students because of this teacher? Everyday they suffer bad teaching is a day lost. Are they likely to want to take this subject further? Bad lessons act as a breeding ground for disaffection, not simply for those who struggle but even for the brighter pupils.

Do you support the teacher

This man is doing his best. He has taken to heart every piece of advice that has been given to him. He has attended training whenever it was offered and he prepares his lessons well. He gets on well with other staff and has excellent relationships with the parents some of whom he has known since they were students.

This situation is having a demoralising affect on the staff. You cannot discuss what is happening and why it is happening for fear of breaching confidentiality but the teacher can. He can provide a one sided view of the 'witch hunt' you are carrying out and suggest that you will pick on other teachers tomorrow.

He is a family man and belongs to a union. The union representative says that he is better than he is. He says you are picking on him when there are bigger problems elsewhere. He is threatening to take this case to an industrial tribunal if the school makes moves to dismiss the teacher.

He teaches eight classes twice a week. Each class has twenty five students which means that about two hundred students are being demoralised, disaffacted and bored each week. These are students who then carry this disaffaction into the next class, who take their anger out on others. So what do you do?

If he is dismissed he will not find a job elsewhere at the same salary because of his age. He has a family and a mortgage to pay. How will he cope? He accuses you of bullying. He has excuses for everything you suggest might be wrong.
So what do you do?

Do you opt for the quiet life? Do you decide that it doesn't do students any harm to cope with this bad teacher? Do you turn a blind eye and hope it will go away? Do you encourage him to apply for a better job elsewhere and so pass the problem on to another school? Schools have a duty of care to provide the very best for their students. This teacher is clearly doing more harm than good is it not time to remove him and reinvigorate the students again?

Sadly there are large numbers of poor teachers still in our profession and HME staff have been tasked with turning schools around and dealing with staffing issues. If you have such a situation in your school why not contact us for a chat, quietly, confidentially and professionally. Help is always at hand?

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