As part of our commitment to you in the world of education we will place here training resources, classroom resources for you to use as you will. For those marked with the copyright notice we simply ask that you retain the copyright notice as you use the resources. For all others please simply let us know how you use them and if you improve them please let us have a copy. Thank you.

Plans are now in place to bring stories for school assemblies, end of the day and English lessons right here.

Downloads can be sent to you are in WORD 2010, WORD 2003 and PDF format.

This short questionnaire has been used in numerous team building courses to enable participants to consider their approach to team work. Contact us directly for the analysis sheet which goes with the questionnaire.

Are you a team player? PDF

Despite its well known limitations the Schonell Reading Test is still a good indicator of reading ability. It uses few resources and is useful as a starting point for measuring a child's ability to decode text. The files here offer score sheets alongside the test itself. Contact us directly.

Schonell Reading Test and instructions

This short presentation was used in to make teachers in the upper river region of the Gambia think about reading standards in their region compared to other regions. It can be adapted to use in other situations. If you need something special Contact us directly.

Reading Story? PowerPoint 2010

The Australian Liberal Party have proposed giving school principals the right to pay good teachers more. Their proposed contract is here; For help with your own inspirational contracts Contact us directly.

Liberal Party of Australia Action Contract

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