Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge?
Clearly that depends upon what we are asked to do but clients generally find that we charge much less than consultants from other companies. We believe that we offer outstanding value for money. We understand the economics of schools across the world and can tailor our work to suit your budget. So, not sure about finances? Call us


How much notice do you need?
Generally we start taking bookings one year ahead of an event to ensure maximum preparation time. However we have also flown out to different locations on one months or in one special case three days notice.


Our requirements are not listed on the programme list can you still help us?
Our programmes start where you are and are based on your needs. We apply current thinking and developments from the educational world however please feel free to challenge us to help you in anyway we can. Our purpose is to support you. We accept that the needs of your school might not be those of a school in on a different continent. Give us a call to discuss your requirments.


Are you associated with any organisation?
No. Hunter Murray prides itself on being independent and is therefore able to give advice or support based on experience and your requirements alone.


How do we contact you?
To speak with us directly call us. Our telephone number can be found here If you would like to see references from other clients send an email to

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