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Lynn & Tom Wilson founded Hunter Murray Education fourteen years ago to take their many years of experience in education to schools and teachers around the world. After years of experience working around the UK and in countries covering four continents they are offering you the opportunity of benefitting from that experience. Everything that HME does has been tried, tested and proven in schools across the globe. After many years of work they retain a passion for working in schools and for school improvement whether your school be in a challenging inner city situation or a rural space in a developing country. HME will guide you when you need, lead you when you want and support you as required always working to find that short term solution that has a long term benefit. HME have travelled across the world to help schools, sometimes at a mments notice. When you need urgent support call us. When it is time for radical thinking and desperate measures have failed HME are ready.

Our Mission

Is to provide high quality, creative and inspirational support for educators, parents and schools wherever they may be and whenever they need it.Is of a world where education and teachers are freely available and valued, where lives are changed and opportunities taken.


Our Vision

It is a world where every precious day counts for the millions of pupils who arrive in their classrooms ready to learn. We envision a world where enthusiastic well trained and dedicated teachers are effective in supporting students and inspiring them whether they be at home or in schools or colleges.

The moral dilemma.

We asked you whether an incompetent teacher should be allowed to remain in school if they cannot improve. the problem however is never simple. In some countries it is impossible to find trained teachers so what are schools to do?. In other countries teachers are underpaid and not valued while in some countries education is deemed to be important for boys and not girls. We live in a very complex world where each problem must be judged on iots own merits. What is important is understanding with the application of simple solutions that wil take us from where we are now to a better place in the future. All journeys begin with a single step and progress comes one step at a time. This is why HME believes that every school is

unique and every situation requires a bespoke solution. HME believes that what matters is the level of commitment the desire to become a good teacher. Good teachers that are never in class do not help their students. But teachers with commitment and desire can really go places and take their students with them.

Results of our last poll.

We asked you if an incompetent teacher should be allowed to continue teaching. Here are your thoughts.
37% said he should leave the school
35% said he should be given outside support
18% said he should be dismissed
8% said he should find a new job


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